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My bead out in the world!

This morning when I checked my Etsy stats, I found a link to one of my beads, used in a necklace for a challenge.  I’m so flattered!

Here’s a link: Inspired Adornments necklace with a Shed Beads Focal


Treasury time

As I’ve mentioned, treasuries on Etsy can create visibility and community.  I’m currently part of an Etsy that focuses on treasury creation.  I joined because the group has some great treasury makers and the majority of members have really “treasurable” photographs, which makes putting treasuries together fun and easy.

There’s a bit of technique to it – really stunning photographs that work well on Etsy’s white background (particularly the first 4 images) and an inventive title with a bit of a hook to convince people to click — song titles, simple word play, a turn of phrase that makes images jump into people’s heads.  And joining an active team helps.  I enjoy creating treasuries for the feed back – my shop always feels busy when I do.  I guess now I need to look at the actual visitor statistics to see if the impression is supported by the facts.

Today I created this treasury – a bit of a love letter without a destination.

Have you ever noticed…

that when you think about something you see more of it? Red Minis for example – I didn’t see one for ages, then they jumped back into my life and now I’m seeing red Minis everywhere even though they’ve jumped back out.

Actually, the red Mini is a digression. Yesterday I was thinking about what makes a strong treasury, and how using two colors to play off each other can create a synergy and a whole that is “more than the sum of the parts”. This morning a friend sends me a link to this treasury that does exactly that. Additionally, there are a few images that have both colors, and so it pops!

Treasuries and Etsy

Interesting things.  I think of them as a way of promoting an Etsy shop within the Etsy community (which has some limitations but is not a bad place to start, and depending on what’s in one’s shop, may be a great place to start).

Anyway, because of this,  probably look at them with a slightly different eye.  I love it when they come together, with the little 4×4 collection of items makes a pretty picture that is very much larger than the sum of the parts.  This one is particularly nice: Are you my Secret Santa? The alternating color repetition gives all the items very Christmas-y feel, when several would not suggest that at all when standing on their own.

This treasury which included me, has lots of items I like, items with wonderful photos. Isn’t as strong as the first, the rhythm is a bit out of sync, I so want to move things around!