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My bead out in the world!

This morning when I checked my Etsy stats, I found a link to one of my beads, used in a necklace for a challenge.  I’m so flattered!

Here’s a link: Inspired Adornments necklace with a Shed Beads Focal


I’m Published!

Really!  I was contacted this fall by an online beading magazine, asking if I would like to do an interview with them. I jumped at the chance, and the results are now online here Beading Times Featured Artist

Treasury time

As I’ve mentioned, treasuries on Etsy can create visibility and community.  I’m currently part of an Etsy that focuses on treasury creation.  I joined because the group has some great treasury makers and the majority of members have really “treasurable” photographs, which makes putting treasuries together fun and easy.

There’s a bit of technique to it – really stunning photographs that work well on Etsy’s white background (particularly the first 4 images) and an inventive title with a bit of a hook to convince people to click — song titles, simple word play, a turn of phrase that makes images jump into people’s heads.  And joining an active team helps.  I enjoy creating treasuries for the feed back – my shop always feels busy when I do.  I guess now I need to look at the actual visitor statistics to see if the impression is supported by the facts.

Today I created this treasury – a bit of a love letter without a destination.

Treasuries and Etsy

Interesting things.  I think of them as a way of promoting an Etsy shop within the Etsy community (which has some limitations but is not a bad place to start, and depending on what’s in one’s shop, may be a great place to start).

Anyway, because of this,  probably look at them with a slightly different eye.  I love it when they come together, with the little 4×4 collection of items makes a pretty picture that is very much larger than the sum of the parts.  This one is particularly nice: Are you my Secret Santa? The alternating color repetition gives all the items very Christmas-y feel, when several would not suggest that at all when standing on their own.

This treasury which included me, has lots of items I like, items with wonderful photos. Isn’t as strong as the first, the rhythm is a bit out of sync, I so want to move things around!